You Can't Be Lonely In A Pantomime Horse

by Finn O'Bryan & The Apologies

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released November 4, 2016



all rights reserved


Finn O'Bryan & The Apologies London, UK

South East Sadness.

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Track Name: Silverlands Manor
I spend most of my spare time smashing abandoned building windows,
Pretending they're both my fears and dreams,
And that these issues of mine can be dealt with aggressively,
It's something that I've held close to me,
Because it's the only task that I can carry out successfully.

Destruction in the shards of broken glass glisten so beautifully,
And these metaphors could easily hold some poetry,
If I still held that passion of smashing within me,
But I've grown tired and weary,
An old soul at 20.

I've been trying to force myself to write again,
Sitting in hospital beds for no valid reason,
But I'm still breathing, unfortunately.
Track Name: Salt Water
Every cold truth you screamed at me is caught between my teeth,
Cementing the gaps between the tombstones at your feet,
Securing my place beneath the concrete,
Rest In Peace.

I swore if i saw you, I wouldn't make a sound,
Until the day that you stuck around.

So, why don't you stick around?
Track Name: Yours Truly
My love, If only i could show you the darkness you've taken from me or if only there was something i could do to make you think happily, this is but a simple poem but to me I yearn to show you with literacy for it's all i know.

The ties that we've shown are anything but my own. The crows have sat idly by and watched over our home, our palace, filled with insecurity, yet that is nothing that is new to me, so help me breathe or i'll set you free, so you can be what you were born to be, eternally happy, without me.

I've spent countless weeks trying to trap the passion I thought had passed with her and it seems to me that it's impossible to capture, but ill keep on pressing.

Yet i could never offer sufficient thanks, but hey THANK YOU FOR BEING YOU, for after everything they put you through, your heart stayed true, like the crows that picked at our bones, i feel the need to hold you close, starved without you.

It seems that my words hold no frequency, so when you read this, i pray you hear my voice inside and think of me, please. Think of me as the other fraction of your heart that was never filled.

The crows find no delicacy, just bone after bone covers me, fractured and lonely, i was broken when they lost the power to see.

Though i may fill the gaps of your broken heart with cancer or shading, please note, It's all i had left that was worth saving.

I know theres a bullet with my name scratched deep in it's thighs, BUT ME?

Again, i could never offer sufficient thanks because those pats are carved into my back, they sleep next to self inflicted whip marks and in due time they will fade to black.

"We were apart; yet day by day,
I bade my heart more constant be;
I bade it keep the world away
and grow a home for only thee:
Nor forced but thy love likewise grew,
like mine, each day, more tried, more true

Yours Truly.
Track Name: Nancy
You said I wouldn't make it this far,
I tried to hate you but that's who you are,
Well, Im just glad that I could prove you wrong,
And keep my heart strong and carry on.

Is recognition too much to ask for,
For taking out a part of me?
Tired of running until my head spins,
Tired of thinking unitl my feet are sore.

Getting sober was nothing,
But I am still withdrawn from you,
That's gotta mean something,
I am done sweating over you.
Track Name: We Didn't Win The War By Getting Depressed, You Know
I'm so ready to burn out,
My one last fleam melting through your chest,
So take what you will,
So take what you will.
Track Name: Vanity
Well, what do you know?
Another Friday night, spent home alone.
Fallen back on when there's nowhere to go
but I'm busy doing nothing and getting stoned.

My phone only rings when you're bored.
You tell me your problems, while mine are ignored,
Like how your boyfriends too fucking nice and how you can't choose
If it's me or him, you've got so much to lose.

It's like I can fucking tell what i'm going to say even before I've said it
To swallow your problems and make you forget it.