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released February 4, 2017



all rights reserved


Finn O'Bryan & The Apologies London, UK

South East Sadness.

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Track Name: Teeth
I awoke, eyes clenched shut from the nightmares that ran through my veins,
Because they have broken my teeth again.
You and him awoke, eyes wide open and ready to encompass each other as the day begins,
You have shown him your teeth again.

I awoke, eyes wide open like I hadn't slept at all,
But maybe I hadn't.
You and he awoke, eyes fastened together so you can pretend that I don't feel this way,
But maybe I don't.

Who's to say if I still held you, we wouldn't feel the same?
Because this all for you, it was always for you.
Once again, I've been listening to those sad songs that you once played me holding back the tears,
I've been holding those songs close to me, just to hold you near.

You're a million miles away, yet I can still feel your breath on my neck.
I guess at least haunting me was always something you did the best.
Swimming around in the ditches in my mind,
Until we collide and intertwine.

Because behind these shattered teeth is poetry,
One of the only things that I have left within me.
So replace the broken glass with fabric and stitch me at the seams,
Because all that is left for us is in our dreams.

It's like no matter how hard I try to find the beauty within me, I see darkness.
Dirt and insects are all that i've harnessed,
After years of telling myself that I was beautiful.
After every intervention I forced myself through,
The only accomplishment I ever made was you.

It was you.

My arrival at the gallows will be my haven,
The sweet spot that I can find my grave in.
Hanging from a rope is all that can set me free,
Strung up at the gates of town for everyone to see.

There's a price on my head.
Track Name: Gums
Why does it always end,
Or break and burn once I fit in?
Damaged by the cracks, damaged by the wind,
It's the end of everything.

Everything dies in the end,
Why can't you see that it's smothering me?
My throats a fucking mess,
and there's nowhere else i'd rather be.

Why must I always choose,
between what I love and what I need?
It's like I always lose,
Because I can never choose whether I breathe or bleed.

So, as the smoke and the fear finally fill my lungs,
And the pain finally fills my throat,
It's my final choice between death and death,
But both of them make me fucking choke.

The taste of blood will pass with time,
Though I can't be sure of what is mine,
Ethelyne burns so fast, so refrain from screaming,
Open your eyes and realise that you're not dreaming.

If destruction is a form of creation,
Then what have I fucking created again?
Victims? Fucking spare me,
Aren't we all?